About Blackstone Gates

Our Firm
Founded in 1988, Blackstone Gates provides business advisory services. We are internationally recognized for creating strategic advantage for our clients.

Our Goal
Blackstone Gates provides critical insight for senior executives and acts as an objective interface between the business, their customers and their markets. We focus on the impact of an integrated business strategy, given the emerging and changing market conditions. We challenge senior executives, focusing them on creating strategic advantage for their businesses.

We are dedicated to assisting businesses to realize the greatest value for their customers. We provide the latest thought leadership regarding customer strategy and market trends. We see our role as that of a catalyst, to drive change and strategic advantage.

How We Help Companies
We help companies in two key ways:

  1. engage with their target prospects and convert them to customers, thereby increasing revenues. We help companies connect with customers by shortening the time to engage prospects creating leads for your sales team.
  2. evaluate products and product strategies to meet changing customer and market requirements. Sometimes the product has to be re-created, a process we call ‘product imagineering’.

Our Approach
We draw deeply on our consultants’ wide range of business, customer and technology expertise.

We have developed a sound appreciation of the key issues involved in business planning, creating, selling and supporting products and services, as well as the current obstacles to effective use of technology to create strategic advantage.

In 1998, we crafted the phrase, “The One Square Foot Enterprise” to illustrate the concept of creating a simple, unique and powerful customer experience through tactical deployment of technology: airline self-service kiosks. A whole industry was transformed as a result.

Our continuing client relationships are built on the foundations of:

  •   Long-term client knowledge
  •   In-depth research on market trends
  •   Proactive executive engagement

Our Team of Associates
Blackstone Gates work with local and global clients, and as such, operates through with Team of Associates, with project offices located internationally. Click here.

Our Projects
In terms of what we do, some of our assignments include clients from industries, such as, Aviation (airlines, airports, distribution), Consulting, Global Data Communications, Digital Media, Product Management & Marketing, Education (universities and libraries), Health, Primary Manufacturing (iron foundry), Technology Manufacturing & Distribution (datacom, computer systems & peripherals, networks), Outsourcing, Retailing, Technology Integration (computing, data communications, mobile, systems), Training (management, sales, systems). Click here.