Creating Strategic Advantage

“There is probably going to be more confusion in the business world in the next decade than there has been in any decade, maybe, in history … and the pace is only going to accelerate.”

When Steve Case, as Chairman of AOL Time Warner, made this startling statement, he probably was unaware of the prophetic nature of his comment on both his own and his company’s future.

We all acknowledge that these are challenging times and uncertainty is in the air. Many companies have incurred downturns in results over the past few years, coupled with the ups and downs of the normal economic cycles. In these set of trying circumstances, there is a strong temptation to defer making major business decisions – that includes Creating Strategic Advantage. As a decision, we think this is wrong.

As Case alluded, just continuing more of the same – competing in the same markets, selling more of the same products, through the same channels, to the same customer base – just won’t cut it anymore. It is impossible to dominate without creating a unique strategic advantage for your business. Often it is critical to our personal success and even to the survival of your company.

To ensure that your company is a ‘dominant player’ in your market requires decisive action. Now is the time to act. It is critical to Create Strategic Advantage for your company. Strategic Advantage is not just about competitive advantage. There are more variables that impact your business and your position in the market.

In a future blog, we’ll discover what constitutes successfully Creating Strategic Advantage.