Frictionless Customer Experience Part 1

Co-Create the Future
Ask today’s traveler (or customer) about their Customer Experience (#CX). They’ll tell you that it’s not frictionless and it has to be more than a brand marketing exercise. Customer experience is totally misunderstood due to the lack of customer context. Context is not solely about the customer’s time and location.

If the customer’s total travel experience is based on the sum of all interactions, there is a ‘Blue Ocean’ opportunity to create the future. But, this cannot be done without examining current business models and their use of technology.

Rather than look at marketing or technology driven solutions, we must look to customers as travelers to define value. We need to capture customer context to ensure anything meaningful. Customer centricity is the only model which can deliver new value, not marketing, not technology.

Human centered Design
Airport/airline apps provide few opportunities to contextually engage with the individual traveler personas. They therefore, miss the opportunity to create a personalized service or “true experience”.

The persona of a traveler needs to solve for: who you are, what you are planning to do and perhaps who do you want to be? Contextualized personas make all the difference in creating new value.

Status Quo needs to be Disrupted
There seems to be an increased emphasis on marketing driven tactics. It is apparent that these do little for travelers as customers. Therefore, they create little value in terms of the Customer Experience.

Ad networks, as a marketing strategy, are expanding in airports. They are deployed with the hope that there will be more points of traveler engagement. The expectation is that a steady roll of advertisements will entice engagement. Couple this with the “mobbing effect” of Location Based Marketing offers and the resultant ‘spam effect’ decreases effectiveness. This approach fundamentally under-appreciates the traveler’s attention and needs. (personalized delivery model).



To date, the many silos of data (per the above diagram) held by travel service providers are discontinuous and certainly not ‘frictionless’. This array data silos creates significant gaps in customer service delivery. This is especially true when viewed beyond a single airport (2 or more locations in one trip).

Always connected customer devices can deliver a holistic connection. However, we have now feasible way to deliver on the “cultural continuum” a top level view of the customer’s needs and preferences in the context which is most beneficial to them.

(Continued in Part 2)

Guest Contributor: Craig Stark
Craig is Managing Director of Change Impetus Group Inc. a mid-market consultancy offering Lean Start up Consulting and Services. He develops and deploys client strategic and architectural blueprints pertaining to customer experience and engagement strategy.