Frictionless Customer Experience Part 2

Reimagining the Experience. Immersive and Empowering.
Travel products and services need to be aligned to the Customer Experience. They must provide a seamless, ‘frictionless’ travel experience. They must be adaptable to inputs, which are beyond the capabilities of unwanted coupons and offers. Today’s services are disjointed and interrupt driven.

Used appropriately, the global network that envelops the traveler allows for the creation of new, organic interactions. These transcend physical boundaries, breaking down the usual fail points (of data silos) and therefore, lose value over the customer’s travel journey.

Forget the Data Silos and CRM Data
The lifestyle brand and persona are really owned by the customer. The “living community” best serves the customer’s unique persona. Their uniqueness can be captured and new organic demand is created. This demand can be matched and brokered by the network to an ecosystem of travel service providers, brands and retailers.

This eco-system can effectively interact with the customer/traveler. It can be done ‘frictionless’ by supporting the overall customer experience. Brands can augment and support this customer experience. That is, create the “personalized story” versus trying to reshape it (marketing). This provides the only true contextual experience interaction.

So, to add new value, travel service providers, brands and retailers need to let go of their silos and CRM data to properly champion the Customer Experience opportunity.

Guest Contributor: Craig Stark
Craig is Managing Director of Change Impetus Group Inc. a mid-market consultancy offering Lean Start up Consulting and Services. He develops and deploys client strategic and architectural blueprints pertaining to customer experience and engagement strategy.