If I Ran the Business

If I ran the business.

For years, we have conducted workshops for clients. We help them try to understand how to connect with customers. This is no mean feat. Many businesses do not know what their core competencies are. Without this knowledge, they are hard pressed creating products that encompass their core value. Nor can they expound this as a proposition to their target customers.

One of the techniques or exercises we use is one of ‘displacement’. Or expressed another way, what if I ran the business? We challenge participants to imagine a business from another industry running their business. For example, in airports, what if Walmart ran airport security? Would they open up a new security line when the current queue-lengths got too long? In hotels, what if McDonald’s ran a hotel front desk? Would they deploy technology to make check-in/-out seamless or ‘frictionless’?

This ‘displacement’ technique helps participants rethink their issues and focus on customers.

Every person in any business can do this daily. Just imagine ‘if you ran the business’. How would your business change with a new owner, one you admire? What would changes would you make by adopting its business processes or practices? Would the way you connect with customers change? How would you eliminate the ‘friction’ barriers to increased customer satisfaction?

If only I ran the business. It’s within every employee’s scope. Your customer will benefit as will your business.