What is Strategic Advantage?

Creating Strategic Advantage is a series of strategic steps with focused guidelines that demand specific actions – an intuitive methodology with built-in checkpoints. It’s a process that successfully mandates strategic change throughout your company.

It’s a process that forces dynamic change.

It’s a process of strategic steps that is both systematic and powerful; an approach to focus your company’s position in the markets you must control and demands the development of new and creative strategies (revenues) in the shortest possible time.

Creating Strategic Advantage is:

  • a change agent that demands consistency in the mission, objectives and goals of the company.
  • a system that directly involves your customer front-line – sales and marketing – as part of the team.
  • a process that demands a discipline to complete from beginning to end that produces results.

Creating Strategic Advantage operates successfully at the company-wide level or at the divisional level. It provides a clear understanding of the strategic steps and provides the tools required to force development of creative change within the company.

What Strategic Advantage is NOT is just Competitive Advantage. Competition is just one of many considerations that any prudent management team must evaluate.

In a future blog, we’ll cover these other variables that lead to successfully Creating Strategic Advantage.